Andrew & Stephanie | Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

I hold this couple in my heart. Two years ago in December I photographed their engagement session, in March I photographed their wedding. By that time Stephanie and I had gotten close. I got teary eyed when I saw how beautiful she was walking down that aisle and when I saw Andrews face. Two years later this month on their Anniversary I had the chance of photographing them again, for another very special time in their lives. But if you scroll through this session and see the last photo they have a beautiful surprise !

Pepper Plantation Wedding Photographer
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer 1
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer 2
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer 4
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer 5
Boone Hall Plantation Wedding Photographer 6

Mamiya 645af | Fuji400 | Nikon D700 (last 2 images)

Chantel - Love these pics!! Such a cute idea. <3

Magena - Beautiful as usual! What a cute way to announce their pregnancy.

Stephanie & Andrew - I can’t even tell you how happy we are that you pretty much have been there to capture some of the most important moments of our lives. Maybe because I am 3 months pregnant and emotional while writting this message so this may come out mushy but i cant thank God enough for not only giving me a great photographer but such a great friend like you and Bryan too ! You both are just wonderful ! and i love you <3 thank you (':

Amanda B. - Love this session, and what a sweet surprise! Congratulations to this beautiful little family!

Jenna | Lake Wylie Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer
Raleigh Wedding Photographer
Atlanta Editorial Wedding Photographer

Jessica - These are beautiful!!

shannon - These are so beautiful Catherine! I am beyond impressed.

Jenna - You are incredibly talented! Thanks so much for the experience! :)

Erin - These are all so pretty! Great job!

shipra - eeeeekkkk, so very lovely!

Michelle Lyerly - Beautiful shots Catherine! That last one is super lovely.

maggie fortson - I cannot even handle how beautiful these are. The poses, model, framing. Perfect!