“You are truly an amazing photographer the pictures are breath taking and are a perfect representation of Chris and I love for each other. We thank you very much for your amazing work and creativity. All our family and friends are as joyful as we are with the photographs.
“There are no words to express the emotions we feel when we look at these wonderful pictures. Thank you very much!”- Liannys 4/2012

“Absolutely beautiful! I can honestly say that you have a passion in photography from looking at the work that you do. As per the photos of our enagagment, I love each and every one of them. Each photo expresses the amount love Lily and I have for one another. I can honestly say that we couldn’t have made a better choice than to have you as our photographer for this very special moment in our lives. Thank you so much Catherine!” – Chris M 4/2012

“We love, love, LOVE these photos! We knew that you would be awesome from looking at your portfolio, but this totally surpassed our expectations. You are amazing and so easy to work with! We’re so happy we found you!!Thank you for helping to make our wedding day picture perfect!” – Lauren S 3/2012

“Catherine is dedicated in becoming successful and perfecting her art

without compromising your vision for your photos.

She takes time to find perfect poses and locations for your photos.

I recommend Catherine for any occasion as I know she will deliver beautiful photos.

Thank you Catherine for my beautiful photos!

I can’t wait to print them out and frame them :)” – Magena P 10/22/11


“Catherine is absoutly amazing at what she does. She loves it what more

could you ask for when the person captureing special moments in your life

actually loves to do it! She is so perfesional, so patient, and cant forget creative!

My engagment photoshoot was such an awesome time im so glad we did it.

I cant thank catheine anough for making are photos look so awesome,

and that was just the preview ones i cant wait to see the rest of them!

Im extremely excited for her to do my wedding. I would recommend Catherine

to anyone who wants to have photos done.” – Sarah D 6/1/11


“The only way to describe my engagement photo shoot with Catherine is professional.

I was excited to have her take them because of the pictures I have previously seen her take.

I can truly say I love the ones she took of me and my fiance.

The preview of them alone gets me excited, I cant wait to see the finished work.

The entire shoot was a good time. It was not difficult. It was well thought out and planned.

Catherine is kind and easy going photographer making the shoot

that much better because it was fun the entire way through.

I look forward to working together with her again in the future. “- Vince D 5/17/11


Catherine did an awesome job with my engagement photoshoot.

She picked the place, brought things for the setting of the pics and everything.

She knew exactly how she wanted the photos to look,

she directed very well and made the whole experience really fun,

she wants people to be themselves.

If I ever have to pick someone to photograph me again it would be Catherine.

You can trust that if she’s taking your photos, they will come out beautiful!

Her work is worth it! – Maria M 5/17/11


From the start I wanted Catherine to do our engagement pictures,

from the way she captured a persons expression through a photograph was just so beautiful.

She was so professional through out this wonderful experience,

that we decided we would like for her to do our Wedding Pictures.

She not only was a great photographer,

but by the end of the night i had my mother in law saying that she loves her, everyone did …

She was so nice to everyone and helped me in calming me down on that special day

and helping me with any other needs i had from making sure my centerpieces were the way i wanted,

to reserving seats for my family last minute before the ceremony.

Bottom line we had a fantastic experience with her she made my day wonderful

and as you can see the pictures turned exactly how i wanted to… beautiful….

her unique eye and personality will make her go far in this business… i couldn’t have chosen a better photographer ! – Stephanie P 4/17/11

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