What to Wear


What should you wear for your session? What colors work well together and which ones don’t? What kind of accessories work well?

Style is such a personal thing. It says a ton about who you are and what you like. I encourage you to wear outfits that are YOU, but that still bring out your playful, creative side. The biggest piece of advise I have is to just have fun, be open to trying new things and be yourself. The more a photographer knows about you, your style and your story, the more you will shine through in your session. Wear something you are comfortable and feel amazing in. If you’re not comfortable it will show in the pictures–I want fun and carefree you. I love all colors and when mixed together in coordinating fashion – they are even better! I also love to encourage couples to bring along an outfit change so that they can add variety to their shoot. In terms of accessories, they all work! Belts, earrings, necklaces , scarves, textures, and etc they all look GREAT on camera !

What should your client’s do to get themselves ready? Hair? Makeup? 

If you can, I recommend that ladies get their hair & makeup done by a professional. Believe it or not it makes a HUGE difference in how your pictures turn out. Professional makeup application will even out your skin tone and bring out your best features. The camera loves a matte look and professional make-up comes out looking so perfect in camera! So stop by your local Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, MAC etc for a FREE or very budget friendly application. *This is not required, but just a little recommendation of what looks great on camera:)

What are some of the best locations you have shot an engagement session?

I shoot at different locations for almost every shoot. My favorite spots are those where you would never suspect that a shoot could go on there:)For example, I love finding random spots off of main roads and I am constantly scouting for new locations. Once I find a spot, I add it to my list. Keep in mind that these locations are always suggestions, the locations that tell your story are the ones that mean most:)



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